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The K.P. Wee Podcast

Jul 6, 2021

Jason Takefman of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA) joins this episode to discuss no-hitters, negativity as well as overreactions by fans and media members, Jacob deGrom, and other topics.  

Key Topics: 

  • (01:50): K.P. brings up hitless games which aren’t recognized as official no-hitters, revisiting the hitless starts by Andy Hawkins (1990), Mark Gardner (1991), and Madison Bumgarner (2021).
  • (04:45): K.P. reminds Jason about the “official definition” of a no-hitter while being open to a revised definition being created down the road.
  • (10:40): Jason brings up Mike Morgan, the opposing pitcher in the 1991 Dennis Martinez perfect game, which leads to the discussion of the 2001 Diamondbacks.
  • (15:30): The 1993 Canadiens vs. Wayne Gretzky matchup is revisited, and K.P. mentions how the idea for his 1993 Canadiens book was hatched. 
  • (19:00): K.P. talks about the negativity by fans, bringing up social media comments by naysayers about the Phoenix Suns’ run to the NBA Finals.
  • (23:00): K.P. and Jason discuss the 2021 Canadiens’ playoff series vs. Vegas.
  • (25:20): Montreal’s 1986 and 1993 teams are compared to the 1989 Habs.
  • (26:50): Jason compares the Habs to the Yankees’ power teams as well as the less successful franchises in sports.
  • (29:00): K.P. laments the fact that Tom Candiotti is being unfairly blamed for the 1991 ALCS loss and reminds Jason that Candiotti lost a close race to Roger Clemens for that year’s ERA title, which leads to a discussion about Clemens.
  • (34:00): The 2000 ALCS is revisited and more Yankees chatter comes up, with Jason discussing the “winning DNA” by elite teams.
  • (40:30): K.P. talks about overreactions and hyperbole by fans and media members.
  • (41:39): Jacob deGrom is mentioned, along with a particular national baseball writer’s recent use of the word “ignorance,” directed at anyone who discredits deGrom’s success.
  • (43:00): Jason uses a quarterback analogy to make a point about the impracticality of comparing eras and the hyperbole surrounding the 2021 Dodgers at the start of the season (with an L.A. writer’s claim that they were going to be better than the 1927 Yankees and the 1975-76 Big Red Machine).
  • (45:55): K.P. argues why deGrom cannot be part of the 2021 National League MVP conversation. 
  • (47:00) K.P. reminds Jason there are no such things as “big enough” leads.
  • (49:00) K.P. explains it’s too premature for the deGrom ERA watch (the context being his chasing the 1.12 ERA mark set by Bob Gibson in 1968).
  • (51:45) Jeff Reardon is mentioned; K.P. laments the fact he’s blamed for the Braves’ 1992 World Series loss, bringing up the fact people have forgotten first baseman Sid Bream’s zero RBIs in both the 1991 and 1992 World Series.
  • (56:10): K.P. brings up a cool no-hitter anecdote.