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The K.P. Wee Podcast

Jul 20, 2021

Tune in to this episode of The K.P. Wee Podcast to learn about the Sports Business 2.0 revolution and meet the online learning pioneer at the center of it. Dr. Lynn Lashbrook founded Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW) three decades ago as a forum for experienced professionals in the business of sports management to mentor students aspiring to build a career of their own. At a time when dial-up Internet was still the standard in most homes, SMWW was offering live online classes accessible to the world. For decades, Dr. Lashbrook has recognized this technology as a transformational tool but Covid-19 has finally driven it into the mainstream. The mantra? “Go global, or go home!”

Not only does SMWW make learning about the business of sports more open and interactive, it also extends opportunities to would-be sports management professionals around the world. With 35 online sports business courses, sports career conferences, a graduate degree program, and valuable alumni network, Dr. Lashbrook is helping individuals achieve their dream of working in sports not just in Northern America but in countries across Africa, Eurasia and South America. He is fostering a global conversation among students and professionals – one that supports the export of sports across borders and preconceived notions of all kinds.

With a long history as a successful agent himself, Dr. Lashbrook shares with K.P. both hard-won wisdom and an unquenchable enthusiasm for diversifying, democratizing and growing sports year over year. He sees and feels this burgeoning energy in his online forums, building on inspiration he has taken from uniquely successful mentors such as Howard Schultz of Starbucks, Phil Knight of Nike, and Lamar Hunt, a founder of the American Football League and Major League Soccer.

The SMWW toolbox offers students a lifetime membership that promises exponential growth. With its ever-widening network of connections and live conference event opportunities, students across different cultures and sports learn from one another. They are encouraged to interact, trade notes, dialogue online and interact via informational interviews with professionals across the spectrum of sports management training and skills.

SMWW’s online learning program is growing by leaps and bounds not only because pandemic has accelerated the embrace of video communication but also because it makes education affordable and opens the field globally to sports enthusiasts who want to turn their passion into a profitable profession.

Enjoy this lively conversation in which K.P. learns about Dr. Lashbrook’s original vision and entrepreneurial journey, the types of student best suited to SMWW (Hint: anyone with a genuine love of sports) and the potential of unleashing a sports fan base of 8 billion people worldwide. No letterman jacket is required to tap into this huge trend and become a part of the SMWW network – the LinkedIn for people building a career in sports!

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  • (04:03): Dr. Lashbrook explains how he has put together a stable of rock stars – teachers from across sports disciplines who share their real-world managerial experience through a range of 35+ SMWW online courses.
  • (05:48): For decades Dr. Lashbrook has been offering weekly online chats for current and former students, an outgrowth of his love for the Socratic method. It’s all about keeping a dialogue – and the learning and growing -- alive in a global classroom across163 countries.
  • (09:10): A bit about how SMWW has grown and evolved over its many decades in existence, from early Internet to post-Covid-19.
  • (11:27): The opportunities to be had in the global conversation that is sports.
  • (12:13): Dr. Lashbrook touches on the potential sports have to advance diversity, democratize opportunity and support global outreach.
  • (15:33): Sports business needs are the same across the world, which is what Dr. Lashbrook recognized early when he put a priority on cultivating a global footprint across countries at all stages of development with regard to professional sports.
  • (18:57): The role of live, in-person conferences (often linked to important draft and other sports events). Dr. Lashbrook believes SMWW has a vital role to play in providing students direct access. Plans are set for getting back on the road to facilitate these events as Covid-19 restrictions ease.
  • (21:34): How and why Dr. Lashbrook designed informational interviewing and shadowing of professionals into his SMWW curriculum.
  • (24:10): Why informational interviews and the legitimacy conferred by the SMWW credential are what Dr. Lashbrook calls his “secret sauce.”
  • (25:00): Having a letterman jacket in your closet is no longer a prerequisite for going into professional sports management. Business acumen and other skills/talents can be equally important.
  • (28:03): Himself a successful agent, Dr. Lashbrook shares thoughts on what it takes, SMWW’s model for mentoring a growing network of well-trained agents and what hurdles to expect in pursuing this sports specialty.
  • (33:33): K.P. elicits from Dr. Lashbrook, with his demonstrably visionary track record, thoughts about where the field of sports management is heading and what elements will shape SMWW’s model over decades to come.
  • (37:08): What types of traits and circumstances constitute the ideal SMWW student and what ultimately sets them up for success. (Answer: Anyone with the commitment!)
  • (40:30): Dr. Lashbrook’s passion for helping people who love sports work in the arena professionally. SMWW is all about helping students connect with real jobs and fulfilling lives.
  • (41:52): What lies ahead for sports? Globalization of all types of sports across borders and across affinity groups. The landscape is changing dramatically and opening up with cross-pollination of all types of sports.


  • (04:31): “The lightbulb went off that the experts might not have the educational doctorate that we require, such as me with kinesiology, but we realized that there were people out there who wanted to teach and give back.”
  • (07:52): “I’ve always said books are outdated when they’re printed. SMWW never becomes outdated because next week’s curriculum is happening as we speak.”
  • (09:59): “When Covid hit, the whole world joined online overnight.”
  • (10:58): “You must have an educated society to have a free society and you must really have sports, which is synonymous to peace, if you look at the original Olympics and how they started.”
  • (12:59): “We’re into a magical formula and I don’t think anything stops us from getting bigger and better. Our contribution back is the growth of sports business around the world.”
  • (14:46): “An entrepreneur has to believe in something so passionately that no one can talk you out of it.”
  • (18:07): “There’s no walls to our target and it’s a worldwide target. Sports and access to education are a universal language.”
  • (20:02): “(Live conferences) complement our business model and are icing on the cake, adding so much to the course.”
  • (23:57): “The informational interview is what I call our secret sauce.”
  • (26:21): “So many people from all walks of life that never played the game are running sports. It’s a catalyst for the diversity explosion.”
  • (31:01): “We think we’re in a major seismic change of opportunity in the agent world and the nice thing (is) you don’t have to quit your day job to try it out.”
  • (33:40): “I’ve always been in love with the Internet and the potential for what online education can do around the world with name, image, and likeness as well as other avenues.”
  • (35:12): “I want somebody to have the same adrenaline in a classroom that you have when you go to a game or the ice to watch.”
  • (39:52): “The better the audience, the better the class. The better the engagement, the more value you get.”
  • (40:29): “I think anybody who loves sport should be able to make money in sport.”
  • (41:14): “We can’t guarantee a job, but what a great opportunity to test the waters (and find out) if there’s a way to monetize your passion!”
  • (43:55): “As the tide rises, the boats are raised in sports. I think the sky is the limit.”
  • (45:10): “If I can keep growing and listening to the cultures and challenges, I think we can come up with solutions to accelerate the business of sports.”

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook Bio: Dr. Lynn Lashbrook has been working and teaching in Sports Management for over 40 years and has demonstrated a lifelong passion for growing dynamic sports programs, and he also continues to work as an NFL agent and has personally represented over 100 NFL clients including first rounders.

Currently, Dr. Lashbrook is President of Sports Management Worldwide, first ever online sports management school with a mission to educate future sports business executives. SMWW trains and mentors thousands of students every year for sports business careers, including athletes, agents and sports industry leaders. Sports Management Worldwide, under Dr. Lashbrook’s guidance, offers a global sports faculty including former General Managers, Scouts, Coaches and well-known sports executives. Offering sport specific skills via online training, SMWW boasts over 5,000 alumni from over 140 countries. SMWW offers cutting edge sports career courses that complement college courses. This includes the Sports Management Worldwide Agency, an international full-service sports agency with over 200 Agent Advisors worldwide representing hundreds of professional athletes.

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