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The K.P. Wee Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

Greg Allen Harris, generally known as Greg A. Harris during his 15-year Major League Baseball career (as there was another right-hander named Greg Wade Harris during the same era), stops by in this episode as this week marks the 25th anniversary of his historic feat of pitching with both hands in a big-league game. 


Sep 15, 2020

Former San Francisco Giants outfielder Dustan Mohr chats about Barry Bonds as, this week, we celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Major League Baseball home-run king’s 700th career home run—which came on September 17, 2004.

Mohr, who played parts of seven seasons in the major leagues (including one season in San...

Sep 8, 2020

Barry Turbow, National Sales Manager for the L.A. Lakers and Dodgers Television Networks, joins this episode to share what media sales is all about. 

Barry, who began his career at Petry Television and whose resume includes two-plus decades' worth of experience in the local, regional, and national advertising markets...

Sep 3, 2020

In an interview recorded in late August 2020, ESPN/CBS basketball analyst Debbie Antonelli discusses her career on the mic, including how she prepares for a broadcast and her 4B’s. Debbie, a college basketball and WNBA analyst, also talks about her fundraiser for Special Olympics in May 2021 and how you can support!

Sep 2, 2020

In an interview recorded in August 2020, former Los Angeles Dodger General Manager Fred Claire shares memories about his Dodger days and offers advice to students and young people getting into sports. He also speaks about mentoring and discusses his new book with Tim Madigan (which was released in July 2020) titled...